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Since its launch last year August, the Attorney Realtor Hub (ARH) has pushed the envelope with regards to the way properties are marketed and sold, in using the latest technology to help attorneys selling properties to “work smart and not hard”.  

The traditional way of marketing properties can be expensive, time and money-wise, and using ARH way of doing things can save immensely on both, says Chris Fick, one of the founding members of  ARH and director of Chris Fick & Associates Inc. 

Up to now, ARH has offered Virtual Realtor Tours a means of viewing a home without physically having to visit the property, which has security benefits as well as convenience to the seller.  In addition, the potential buyer can view many properties from the comfort of his own home or office, and choose which one he is seriously interested in before physically visiting the property, which saves time and travel costs.  

Another tool ARH members have been using, with great effectiveness, is the My Bond Fitness process, whereby all potential buyers can assess their affordability and gauge what needs to be done to qualify for a bond before actually engaging with any bank.  Through this service, the buyer can then get prequalified for their bond,  which strengthens the chance of getting an offer on a property accepted.   All he needs to do is go to and an accurate bond indicator estimate will be available in less than ten minutes.  

The attorney realtor can then make arrangements with the seller and purchaser to meet each other to view the property and take things further, and confirmation of the affordability of the interested purchaser can be shared with the seller, to ease property negotiations. 

With security awareness a factor for most sellers, a new tool has been introduced, where the buyer will be asked to upload a photo of himself and send the photo to the sales agent – if he hasn’t already done so on his buyer profile. This picture is compared with the picture on the Identity Document that already will be on the buyer’s profile on the ARH system - and they will then know that the purchaser is who he says he is and can be properly identified – for safety and security purposes. 

This picture can then be forwarded to the seller, to properly identify the interested purchaser when he or she later visits the property for sale. 

“This is possibly the future of property viewing, where initial engagement is done online and then only taken to a physical meeting once all the initial pre-viewing and prequalifying steps have been completed. With today’s busy lifestyle, many want to work as efficiently as possible, and want to maximise on security while doing so. These tools are invaluable in securing information on potential buyers as well as streamlining their purchase process,” says Fick.  

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