Cash is "king" and so a home buyer that went through our home loan prequalifcation process
Only committed cash or our prequalified buyers will be introduced and eventually personally view your home.

Each offer submitted to a seller in effect ties the seller to the transaction for a 14- 30 day period waiting for a home loan approval.

We only introduce a "cash" buyer or a buyer who we prequalified and identified through the online My Bond Fitness process. The My Bond Fitness prequalified buyer is still subject to a bond approval by a bank and their terms and conditions, but this assist to filter and eliminate offers that may not meet the strict lending criteria of the financial institutions.

Safer and more secure 
Avoid strangers coming through your door unnecessarily.

By the time the buyer is introduced and physically views your home, he or she has already been screened, pre-approved by us and viewed your home through a Virtual Reality Tour. This helps keep you and your home safer and more secure.